Raising the Barn

“Raising the Barn” is the culmination of our experiences with taking to heart the guidance of our mentor, Lisa Lepine, to find our “authentic authority” through connections with community and friends, and through that process finding our new name of Coyote Willow. It has been a profound journey working with so many talented souls on this project: Gary […]

Falling to Home

Coyote Willow weaves genre-crossing lines to create an extraordinary musical journey that has grown over the past five years and is expressed in their latest recording project, the EP “Falling to Home.” The project is inspired by the various twists and turns in their lives that led them to their musical collaboration. The title track, “Falling […]

The Lonely Grange Sessions

Coyote Willow (formerly Hilst & Coffey), ‘The Lonely Grange Sessions’: “Sometimes, it seems like making (and listening to) music in the 21st century means navigating a sea of studio trickery. But the sound of great musicians expertly playing real instruments will always endure. The debut album from this popular local duo is aptly named; the […]

Strings Unbound

Strings Unbound / Hilst & Coffey’s (now Coyote Willow) first album is an eclectic combination of rock, blues, folk & contemplative instrumentals. Based primarily around Breedlove artist Tim Coffey’s soulful baritone voice, finger style acoustic guitar and Kat Hilst’s enchanting cello work, Strings Unbound also features Julie Southwell (violin), Shireen Amini (vocals and cajon) and […]