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The Lonely Grange Sessions

From the Bulletin for “The Lonely Grange Sessions”:  (link to article)

The result is an album, “The Lonely Grange Sessions,” that draws out the natural warmth of Hilst & Coffey’s earthy folk, blues and Celtic music. Packed with his percussive acoustic guitar and the rich textures of her cello, the record courses with the chemistry that has made the duo one of the busiest bands in Bend over the past few years.

As a whole, the album is more upbeat and danceable than Coffey’s 2011 album “Strings Unbound,” with seven instrumentals among its 12 songs. On several tunes, Hilst’s cello carries what would typically be the vocal melody. (Last year’s “The Goat Rodeo Sessions,” an eclectic, virtuoso project by Yo-Yo Ma, Chris Thile and others, was a major inspiration, the duo said.)

And throughout, the intangible interaction between wood, strings, hands and well-placed microphones in an acoustically sublime environment is on full display.

– Ben Salmon, Bend Bulletin (July 6, 2012)