Raising the Barn

Released : November 2016

Album Notes

“Raising the Barn” is the culmination of our experiences with taking to heart the guidance of our mentor, Lisa Lepine, to find our “authentic authority” through connections with community and friends, and through that process finding our new name of Coyote Willow. It has been a profound journey working with so many talented souls on this project: Gary Calicott (Gary Calicott Photography), Holly McClintock (Zen Art Ink), Jasmine Helsley-Barnett (JAH Promotions), Clay Smith (Soundsmith Studios), Bethany Willis (fiddle), Jeff Ingraham (drums), Steve Beaudry (harmonica), Franchot Tone (bass), and Bill Powers (mandolin). It has truly been a “barn raising” with new music, new ideas, new and old friends, and inspiration from all who have supported this project and brought their magic in to play.

Song List